About Us

We are a unique ministry that God is using to change lives all over the world through the vehicle of international Christian education.

4800+ Students

The NICS network is growing, extending its influence to students and their families numbering in the thousands – and all of the thousands that each of these lives touch. These students will become tomorrow's leaders.

100+ Nations

From Afghanistan to Zimbabwe, our students come from diverse cultures each with a rich heritage and share a common motivation to learn!

15 Schools

From small schools with less than 100 students to one with 1000 students: K-12 US diploma granting programs, English language curriculum, accredited by U.S. regional agencies and ACSI with matriculation into the best universities in the world.

13 Countries

Bolivia, Brazil, East Asia, Indonesia, Japan, Kenya, Korea (3), Kosova, Malaysia, Peru, Singapore, Turkey, and the USA (headquarters for our online school)

900+ Teachers

Educators who believe in the gospel of Jesus Christ

Living out their faith and appropriately sharing God's Truth

Developing relationships that have impact

Modeling a godly life

Investing in students

Sharing their lives with others

Resulting in dynamic students who will make their mark on the world!