Governing Board

The NICS board uses a system called "Policy Governance" developed by Dr. John Carver. NICS board policies are of such a global nature that application can be done on a worldwide basis. Implementation of policy is carried out at the local school level by the school director who accounts directly to the Vice President for School Affairs and the President of NICS, who in turn, report to the NICS Board of Directors.

Harry Phillips

Southaven, Mississippi

Doug Thornton

Architect & President
Hernando, Mississippi

Wally DeBerry

Retired Pilot
Federal Express
Southaven, Mississippi

Sam Davis

Retired Pilot
Federal Express
Memphis, Tennessee

Mike Witt

Real Estate Entrepreneur
Southaven, Mississippi

Steve Coffey

U.S. Director
Richardson, Texas

Blake Weaver

VP for Business Development
Easley Transportation
Hernando, Mississippi

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