Bandung Alliance Intercultural School

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Founded: 1956
NICS school since: 1995
Grades: Pre-School 3 - 12

The country of Indonesia is a tropical country made up of more than 17,000 islands stretching 3,000 miles along the equator. It is a country rich in natural resources, much of which remains underdeveloped. The dry season is from approximately June to October and the wet monsoon season from November to March. However, there can be rain during the dry season. During the rainy season there is usually some sunshine each day. The official language is Bahasa (the language of) Indonesian although you will find variations in dialects in different areas of the country. Though Indonesia is the largest Islamic country in the world, there is also an increasing presence of Christianity. The government recognizes these religions as well as Catholicism, Buddhism and Hinduism as the five official religions of Indonesia. While it is illegal to proselytize, one can sensitively share their faith. There is a diversity of culture among the people of Indonesia. The group that is most prevalent in West Java, the area where Bandung is located, is the Sundanese people. Bandung is located on the Island of Java, which is the most populated island. It is situated in the mountains, 700 meters above sea level resulting in very pleasant temperatures year round. It is a city of about three million people and is known as an educational center for Indonesia as it has several universities.

BAIS operates as a private non-profit school to serve the international community. BAIS provides quality education in the traditions of classic, conservative ethics and values. The school ministers to the whole person; therefore, its program is directed toward individual development and enrichment in the following areas: intellectual, physical, moral, spiritual, and social. The program incorporates citizenship training, character development, personal values, and ethics.

  • Emphasis is placed on instilling respect for citizens of all nations and specifically the country of Indonesia, our host nation.
  • Develop in each student a mastery of communication and learning skills
  • Develop responsible individuals who possess the ability to think clearly, logically, and independently who will be productive members of society
  • Develop in each student an understanding and appreciation of cultural, social, scientific, economic, and political ideas and practices.
  • Develop in each student interests, skills, and attitudes which contribute to the worthy use of leisure time.
  • Provide health and physical education enabling the student to live energetic, wholesome, and productive lives.
  • Provide opportunities for each student to develop and appreciate ethical and cultural values, with particular emphasis on the Indonesian language and culture.
  • Provide a program of student activities designed to develop competent, self-directed, and responsible social interaction in an atmostphere of mutual respect and cooperation.

BAIS offers an American style curriculum with an intentional focus of achieving international curriculum standards and benchmarks. BAIS offers a variety of Advanced Placement (AP) courses through the College Board at the high school level. Also, because of its membership with Virtual High School can offer around 150 elective courses to its students.

BAIS is on an American school calendar starting in mid-August around Indonesian Independence Day (August 17) and ends around the first week of June each year. For specific calendar details, please visit the school’s web site.

The individual that would thrive in this environment is one who has a heart for diversity and a love for adventure. Bandung is often the first stop for many workers as they come here to study the language before going on to their appointed place of ministry or business. Currently the school is located right next to the language school of choice for many NGO's that send workers to Indonesia. This location has worked well for those with school aged children allowing both parents to attend language school while their kids attend BAIS. There are many different cultures that come together in Bandung as it is often viewed as a retreat center for those who need a break from some of the more intense remote areas of the country. The teacher who thrives at BAIS is one who can maintain a good sense of humor in the face of things that are 'not quite right'. All our staff work hard but also like to play hard and take every opportunity to explore the expanse of the archipelago. Above all, a love for people and a desire to instill in the students and their families the mission of the school will keep one focused and going here for many years to come.

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