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Founded: 1998
NICS school since: 2008
Grades: 5-12

NorthStar Academy (NSA) is a community of learners in an accredited online school. It uses the Internet to link students with other students and certified teachers who provide the students' instruction and grading.

Through the Learning Management System teachers post their lessons and assignments over the Internet, lead group discussions, evaluate students' assignments, and engage in most of the same teacher-student interactions that occur in traditional classrooms. Completed assignments and exams are submitted to teachers for grading and then made available to the students for review.

NorthStar Academy is an excellent complement to the education needs of homeschooling and international families as it offers students the choice of taking individual courses or an entire grade-level program to meet their individual academic needs.


NorthStar Academy is "a community of learners in an online school." But what is an online school? The answer to this question will vary (see our online program 'particulars' in the "Questions You Should Be Asking" section of our website), but we here at NorthStar Academy define our online school as being a combination of correspondence school, homeschool, and classroom school. You will find elements of all three models of learning and instruction in NSA, but NSA cannot be defined solely in terms of just one of the three models.

An online school, as we at NSA have defined it, is an educational and academic program that is characterized by the following features:

  1. teacher-prepared and teacher-created lessons, assignments, projects, reviews, and tests
  2. resource-centered, not teacher-centered, learning and instruction
  3. direct and private access to the teacher(s) and fellow students
  4. direct access to the online course(s) and group discussions
  5. direct and timely feedback from the teacher(s) regarding the student’s assignment, project, or test
  6. direct one-to-one tutoring for each student
  7. access to instruction and resources via asynchronous (time independent) communication which is complemented with synchronous/real-time text or audio chat
  8. opportunities for participation in extracurricular activities and projects such as student council, yearbook, and clubs
  9. establishment of student services to include transcripts, career and academic counseling, and university or college admission support
  10. use of an Internet-based software to host the school and all of its communication

Continue browsing our site for a more complete list of characteristics that are part of NSA's online school program.

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