Yongsan International School

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Founded: 1990
NICS school since: 1990
Grades: K - 12

YIS-Seoul is in the center of Seoul, the capital of South Korea. Twenty-one million people, almost half of the population of Korea, live in the greater Seoul area. It is a safe, modern city with excellent public transportation and many social and cultural opportunities. It is also a great starting point for traveling to many other countries in Asia. Korean is the main language of the country, but Seoul is relatively English friendly. The weather is generally beautiful in the spring and fall, hot and humid in the summer, and at times very cold in the winter.

YIS-Seoul stresses academic and spiritual excellence in all we do as a school. We seek to integrate a biblical worldview into every part of the curriculum and extra-curriculum. We do this with a student body from over 40 countries. God blesses us with many opportunities to share the Gospel and to disciple those who know and those who come to know Christ.

Our academic program from K-12 is based on the American curricular model with some modifications to meet the needs of our international population. The common language of all school activities is English. In the secondary school we offer several AP classes, and our students go on to some of the top universities in the United States. We also offer a full range of athletics and other extracurricular activities. Last year almost half of our secondary students participated in our spring break mission trips.

Our new teacher orientation program generally starts in late July with school beginning in mid-August and ending the first part of June. We normally take a three week Christmas vacation. Other holidays are observed throughout the year.

Following you will find the teacher standards of YIS-Seoul. These were developed by YIS-Seoul teachers, administrators, and parents, and if they mirror what you strive to be as a teacher we would love to talk to you about any openings we may have.

A YIS-Seoul Teacher:

  • Matures continually in a personal relationship with Christ. Maintains a consistent devotional life. Attends church consistently. Involves him/herself actively in ministry.
  • Approaches all aspects of life, personal and professional, in a way that glorifies God. Excited about teaching. Loves students. Handles conflict appropriately. Is receptive to constructive criticism. Adjusts well to the daily challenges of school life. Contributes positively to the school community. Shows cultural sensitivity.
  • Integrates Biblical Worldview in all academic and extracurricular activities.
  • Fosters a safe learning environment. Maintains proper classroom management and discipline. Encourages an atmosphere where students are free to participate. Demonstrates an understanding of the worth of each student. Shows cultural sensitivity.
  • Facilitates student learning through differentiated instruction, appropriate assessment, and demonstration of content knowledge. Integrates Biblical Worldview. Follows curriculum guidelines. Shows cultural sensitivity. 
  • Promotes English language proficiency. Incorporates reading and writing across the curriculum. Emphasizes speaking and listening skills. Shows cultural sensitivity.
  • Communicates professionally with members of the school community. Communicates in a timely, confidential, and edifying manner. Handles conflict appropriately. Shows cultural sensitivity.
  • Interacts with students outside of the classroom. Maintains availability and approachability. Upholds a proper teacher-student relationship. Models a consistent Biblical Worldview. Shows cultural sensitivity.
  • Committed to professional development and life-long learning. Participates in professional development opportunities. Implements knowledge and strategies gained through professional development opportunities. Maintains credentials.
  • Practices wise stewardship of all personal and YIS-Seoul resources.
  • Supports YIS-Seoul and NICS OASIS standards and policies as outlined in the faculty handbook and NICS Mission Manual.

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